Friday, December 24, 2021

Beware of edu-tech companies : Govt warns

Beware of edu-tech companies : Govt warns .

Beware of edu-tech companies


Central Department of Education warning to students and parents

The Central Department of Education has warned students and parents to be vigilant about the training and content offered online by Education Technology (EduTech) companies. Issued some suggestions on how to respond in this regard.

1. Automatic tech debit option should not be given under subscription fee. Some educational institutions initially offer their services for free under the premium business model. Then make payments mandatory to continue those services. When students activate Auto Debit, the money goes out of the account without their knowledge.

2. Before entering into a contract with any company ... carefully read all the terms and conditions stated by them. There is a risk of tracking personal data when the learning software is approved by the device you are using.

3. Ask for a tax invoice statement when purchasing content loaded computer equipment, apps, pen drives.

4. Before subscribing to any edutech company you should thoroughly check its background.

5. Examine the content provided by those companies. Are the contents consistent with the syllabus? Can students fully understand? That should be considered.

6. All doubts regarding the content provided by the online portals should be cleared before paying the money.

7. Make sure parents have control over the computer equipment their children use.

8. Education-related apps are designed to encourage spending on children. Parents need to tell their children to understand this.

9. Read online reviews and opinions about online edutech companies. Parents and students should also post their views online. So that they are useful to everyone else.

10. Evidence of spam calls; Record evidence of education-packages that students and parents are forced to sign before giving their full consent.

Do not believe anything easy:


1. Do not easily believe the statements made by edutech‌ companies.

2. Do not sign documents that are not understood.

3. Do not share videos or photos. Take appropriate precautions before going into video mode during video calls.

4. Do not keep your e-mail, contact number, card details and addresses online. Similar data is sold in the market. Then there are the scam attacks.

5. Do not subscribe to non-certified courses.

6. Do not believe in success stories promoted by editech companies. They may be designed to be used as bait to attract more people.

7. Do not share your bank account and OTP details with marketing‌ staff. They are at risk of leading to cyber scams.

8. Do not click on links and attachments that appear on the computer screen from an unknown source.

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